St. Margaret's at Cliffe, Near Dover
   Telephone: 01304 852463

   The highlight of the White Cliffs. This distinctive landmark is perched high up on the White     Cliffs overlooking the Straits of Dover. Built in 1843 the lighthouse was used by Marconi    

    just over 100 years ago for early radio experiments. From here he made the worlds first    

    ship to shore and subsequently the first international radio transmission to Wimereux in  

    France. Learn about the history of the tower and the people associated with it in a tour that  

    takes about 30 minutes. Combine your visit with the Gateway to the White Cliffs nearby  

    and learn about what is special and the significance of the cliffs in a relaxing coffee shop  



     Opening Hours: 1st March - 31st August 1100-1730, 1st September 

     31st October 1100-1700 or dusk