The "Famous" White Cliffs of Dover

The well known landmarks of the White Cliffs and Dover Castle blend well with the bustling port of Dover. Visitors can enjoy a birds-eye-view of this, the busiest passenger port in the world, from Langdon Cliffs picnic site, or the departures of Cruise ships from the cruise terminal and ferries from the Eastern Docks. Walk out on the Prince of Wales Pier for the best view of the Cliffs."

There'll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover" went the famous song of the 1940's sung by the incomparable Vera Lynn. The wistful theme of that tune echoed the sorrows of the wartime years in countless radio broadcasts and conjured up visions of England and home for those stranded overseas. For hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women the White Cliffs glimised through the mist of the English Channel represented an emotional moment whether leaving the English shores or returning after years of absence.


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